The Human Non Human

The Human non Human

The non-human being I choose is red dates, which are both food and plants.  Before in-depth research on red dates, I think red dates are an edible food that is good for the body in Chinese traditional medicine.  In Chinese families, red dates are indispensable in every family. Just like we use soy sauce for cooking; in our drinking tea culture, we will add a few red dates for tea. Most of the red dates purchased in Chinatown are dry. This is a form without foaming. After the water is purified, the red dates will be foamed. If the time is too long, the red date skin will fall off automatically. And I am inspirited by their interesting texture. The skirt is red dates before foaming; although the surface is a bit pitted, the skin is still shiny. The clothes correspond to the red dates after foaming, and after long foaming, they automatically fall to the seeds inside, so the clothes are tight.

When I am doing tests on different fabrics, I thought of the techniques I learned in the sewing workshop and the references I saw on the internet. I started to study how clothes made and combined the references with what I learned. Thanks to the help of Sofia (Fashion design student), I have been very helpful in designing my own pattern. She taught me to see the front and back of the pattern and how to cut out the clothes I want on the model. I have learned many different sewing techniques in this work. Every step from choosing fabrics, to making patterns, to stitching collars and installing zippers, can’t be ignored for my work.

In “Shop class as soulcraft: an inquiry into the value of work”, the author once discussed the satisfaction brought by hand-made. The author doesn’t consider himself special. He gets more active participation and a sense of achievement from manual labor, and often finds that manual work also requires wisdom. I also felt this point in this production once. I will pay more attention to the wiring of my own clothes and think carefully about how to apply the wiring on my clothes to this project that I am working on. And from the moment I put on your own clothes, I get great satisfaction. Although I couldn’t make a room full of red dates and take photos as my site partner (too much food waste), when I wore clothes, I even emphasized my background as Chinese, and the red dates brought me a look Beauty and warmth on the body.