Sustainability Rewards Program

Our product is a sustainability rewards program, that encourages users to adopt sustainable behaviors, by using public transportations, they can gain points and redeem the points in the form of small discounts at participating Green Vendors.

In this project, our team started with a question, 'How might we reduce carbon emission in transportation'. After various studies and interviews of experts in transportation industry. I proudly introduce you to our Sustainability Rewards Program.

In order to reduce carbon emissions we would put our mind into improving the infrastructure or convince people to adopt more sustainable practices. We pivoted from our original HMW related to railways to a more consumer-focused sustainability awareness product as a way to educate consumers and incentivize them to demand greener practices from larger business.

DATE                  Sep 2021 - Dec 2021

TAGS                  UI/UX, Product Studio

INSTRUSTOR    Josh Hartmann

DESIGNER         Jialin Huang 
                            John Waldo
                            Momina Nofal
                            Rayma Kesharwani


// Research


There are different steps in the supply chain/logistics space that companies make profit:

  • Warehouse Space
  • Office Space
  • Actual Transportation/Couriers
  • Short-notice services/Accelerated services surcharge

Example Business Models

  • The Broker Model: after purchasing space to ship in bulk, the space is sold off after additional markup
  • Gainsharing: the seller and the buyer come to a “win win” wherein the buyer reduces their price for a longer term contract/agreement for their continued service and partnership
  • Commission Model: mediators are the key players here who bring together the end user and seller via their platform

// Interviews

We interviewed ten people related to transportation industry, including those who work for railroad companies, enthusiasts, passengers and engineers. During interview, we learned more about transportation and carbon emission through different perspectives.

Interview Documentation

State of railway transportation and shipping

On average, railways are the greenest form of flight transportation and among the cleanest forms of passenger commuting.

However, railroads make up just under 16% of the total freight transported in North America.

Railways are unlikely to spend money on more sustainable electric hybrid engines and other infrastructure upgrades until there is significant pressure to do so and/or a big breakthrough in the technology.

But there are many ways to highlight, analyze, and improve railways without overhauling the infrastructure.

// Ideation

Collect sustainability points with your transportation and everyday purchases. The corporate equivalent freight firms give discounts to customers who pledge sustainability.

For instance:

  • earn points for taking the train instead of driving
  • earn more points for recycling; earn points for bringing a reusable mug to a coffee shop
  • redeem points for discounts at partner stores

// Rewards Program for Sustainability

What is it? - Earn sustainability points in users transport ad everyday purchases, and use accumulated points to get discounts on participating retailers.

Why would user use this? - Incentive for someone already thinking about being more sustainable to get extra mile.

Who would give the discount? - Companies participating in this could be looking for more people to try their product or looking to be seen as a "green company"

// Key Features

Redeem Your Sustainable Points For Rewards

Collect points and redeem them in the form of small discounts at participating green vendor.

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Track Your Points

See collected points in calendar and open it whenever you want

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// Prototest

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