Genetic Text Innovation


Jun 2023 - Aug 2023
Creative Design, Branding/Graphic Design


Andrew LeClair


Jialin Huang

Culture establishes order by collecting, organizing and analysing what we already have. Art, on the other hand, challenges our understanding of culture by subverting order. The relationship between culture and art is like the left and right hemispheres of the brain, where the left hemisphere is responsible for language comprehension, induction, and processing, while the right hemisphere governs emotions, creative thinking, and intuition.

My project Genetic Text Innovation is a language-based generative experiment aimed at challenging the limitations of our basic understanding of words. Users input a word on the website, and the database randomly generates an unexpected and creative interpretation of the word. It is the left brain trying to produce a product that has been organized by culture, but the actual result allows the right brain's creative thinking to take effect. Users input one word and receive a randomly generated interpretation related to the word from a set of different database containing user generative content from different social media platform.



Genetic Text Innovation: Final Interactive Web Version

A Journey from Packaging Design to Generative Text Innovation


In the intricate and expressive realm of art, sometimes eventhe simplest of scenes can ignite a moment of profound understanding.


A perfect example of this phenomenon can be found in Wong Kar-wai’s critically acclaimed film, “Chungking Express.” In one memorable scene, a character switches the contents of a sardine can with those of a tuna can, while maintaining the original sardine packaging.


This seemingly mundane act holds a deeper meaning,serving as a powerful metaphor for the significant role packaging plays in shaping our perception of the items contained within.

這個發人深省的場景觸動了我,促使我深入探索包裝和內容之間的關係。滿懷好奇地去觀察周圍的世界,尋求其中的奧秘。在一次去Whole Foods商店的探訪中,我意識到單一產品,如南瓜,可以根據其展示方式發揮多種作用。

This thought-provoking scene struck a chord with the artist, prompting them to delve deeper into the concepts of packaging and content. Eager to explore the myriadways these two aspects intertwine, the artist set out on a journey to examine the world around them with fresh eyes. One such expedition led them to a Whole Foods store, where they observed how versatile and multi-faceted a single product could be, depending on the manner in which it was presented.


Take, for example, the humble pumpkin. On the surface, this unassuming fruit may seem to have a singular, straight forward purpose – to be consumed as food. However, the artist soon discovered that when giventhe right presentation and context, a pumpkin can serve a multitude of purposes. Not only can it be used as adelicious ingredient in countless dishes, but it can also play a starring role as a festive Halloween decoration, completely altering its perceived value and function in the eyes of the consumer.


This eye-opening experience served as a catalyst for the artist’s further exploration into the world of packaging and content, igniting their curiosity and fuelling their desire to uncover the myriad ways these two elements can interact and influence one another. Through their ongoing journey, the artist continued to uncover newlayers of meaning and understanding, shedding light on the powerful impact that presentation can have on our perception of the world around us.

The Experiment


Having been inspired by the exploration of packaging and content, the artist decided to take their research further by selecting an everyday item as their subject: cotton swabs. This seemingly unremarkable object provided a unique opportunity for the artist to demonstrate the power of packaging in shaping our perceptions. They designed three distinct packages for the cotton swabs, each representing a different use case:


( cosmetics )
( medical supplies )
( electronics cleaning )


Through this process, the artist showcased a versatile artistic style that embraced a wide range of materials and forms, highlighting the transformative power of packaging in changing how we view a simple product.


The artist’s curiosity didn’t stop there. As they continued to delve deeper into the world of packaging, they turned their attention to the potential of modern technology to revolutionize the way we create and perceive packaging designs. Specifically, the artist began experimenting with laser-cutting technology as a means to engrave product images and text on acrylic surfaces. This innovative approach allowed them to create intricate, eye-catching designs that pushed the boundaries of traditional packaging aesthetics.

Delving into the Dynamics of Text and Image Integration within Packaging Design.

Rico Long Grain Rice, 20 lbs Gluten Free

Left: Exploring Image Composition;
Right: Unveiling Text Dynamics

Oscar Mayer Gluten Free Turkey Bacon with 58% Less Fat & 57% Less Sodium

Johnsonville Beddar With Cheddar Smoked Sausage


During their journey, the artist received invaluable feedback from a guest critique, which helped shape the trajectory of their research. They learned that creating successful packaging often involves conducting multiple AB tests and analyzing the results of marketing research to determine the most appealing design for consumers. This insight challenged their initial assumptions and prompted a significant shift in focus, leading them to explore beyond the realm of packaging and content.

As they re-evaluated their research direction, the artist came to the realization that packaging was merely one aspect of collecting and displaying content. What truly piqued their interest was 

通過研究和實驗,我踏上了一段跨越藝術、科技和商業界限的迷人旅程。挑戰傳統觀念,突破可能性的極限,我試圖重新定義我們如何感知和與 我們日常生活中所接觸的產品互動的方式。

Through their research and experimentation, the artist embarked on a fascinating journey that transcended the boundaries between art, technology, and commerce. By challenging conventional wisdom and pushing the limits of what is possible, they sought to redefine the way we perceive and interact with the products that surround us in our everyday lives.

A Transformative Shift in Focus:



During their journey, the artist received invaluablefeedback from a guest critique, which helped shape thetrajectory of their research. They learned that creating successful packaging often involves conducting multipleAB tests and analyzing the results of marketing research to determine the most appealing design for consumers. This insight challenged their initial assumptions and prompted a significant shift in focus, leading them to explore beyond the realm of packaging and content.

As they re-evaluated their research direction, the artist came to the realization that packaging was merely one aspect of collecting and displaying content. What truly piqued their interest was


the idea of subverting the audience’s understanding of existing order and presenting content in a way that would engage their right-brain thinking, known for its role in creativity, intuition, and emotional expression. 



It was from this newfound perspective that the artist’s groundbreaking work, Genetic Text Innovation was born.

Genetic Text Innovation sought to challenge conventional wisdom and provoke new ways of thinking by encouraging users to interact with language and words in an entirely different way. This bold experiment aimed to not only redefine how we perceive content but also to foster a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between culture and art, ultimately opening up new pathways for creative exploration and self-expression.

Genetic Text Innovation


The documentation displays the models, text, and interpretations side by side in alphabetical order. This experiment aims to challenge our thinking patterns and understanding of culture, and to highlight the interaction and interweaving between culture and art.


The artist found the output results of their work so fascinating that they decided to document them in a unique and visually engaging way. They chose to use materials that are commonly found in computer construction, 




Cold rolled steel is commonly used to manufacture computer case enclosures, panels, brackets, and mounting supports due to its durability, thermal conductivity, and cost-effectiveness

Acrylic is a lightweight and durable material that can be used as a cost-effective alternative to glass. It is often used to manufacture transparent side panels or faceplates to showcase internal components and lighting effects.

Mirror is used in computer cases to provide a unique and stylish appearance. Mirror material can reflect internal lighting effects and create a stunning visual impact.


to create a tangible representation of their digital experimentation. Using laser-cutting and metal-cutting techniques, they were able to engrave these materials with intricate designs that showcased the captivating results generated by their Genetic Text Innovation project.

创作者决定进行一次摄影活动,灵感来自于Joseph Kosuth的开创性作品《三把椅子》。这件概念艺术的标志性作品展示了我们对事物的理解和感知是深受我们的文化、语言和思维方式影响的。它包括一个实体椅子、一张椅子的照片以及椅子的词典定义,每个都代表了我们对对象理解的不同方面。


The artist’s decision to conduct a photoshoot was inspired by the seminal work of Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Chairs. This iconic piece of conceptual art demonstrated that our understanding and perception of things are deeply influenced by our culture, language, and thinking methods. It featured a physical chair, a photograph of a chair, and the dictionary definition of a chair, each representing a different aspect of our comprehension of the object.

In the artist’s work, they incorporated a similar structure to showcase the complex relationship between the user’s inputted word and the various layers of meaning it can possess. 

* The word is placed at the center of the composition, surrounded by two mirrors. The mirror on the right represents the cultural understanding of the word, reflecting the conventional interpretations and associations we typically attribute to it. Meanwhile, the mirror on the left displays the unexpected, experimental interpretations generated by the artist’s groundbreaking project.

通过在作品中融入这些元素,创作者旨在挑战观众的先入之见,引发对语言、文化和艺术之间错综复杂联系的深入探索。这种创新方法不仅展示了她的 "文本编码实验 "项目的变革力量,还邀请观众与作品进行更积极、更动态的对话,最终获得新的见解和发现。

By incorporating these elements into their work, the artist aimed to challenge the viewer’s preconceptions and provoke a deeper exploration of the intricate connections between language, culture, and art. This innovative approach not only showcased the transformative power of their Genetic Text Innovation project but also invited the audience to engage in a more active, dynamic dialogue with the work, ultimately leading to new insights and discoveries.

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