fido Redesign

In this project I begin an rebranding project to be completed in one month. This project will explore the development of a new brand identity with a mult-faceted exploration into the expression of the brand in various platforms.

I grew up in Canada, fido is the operators I always use in Canada, and when I chose rebranding, I saw more possibilities for fido. So I chose this flat beat. Next I will look at their Brief History, Current Strategy, Current Target Market and Current Personality.

By adding more new strategy, concept. Forming a new brand image.

Date              Oct, 2021
Tags              Graphic Design, Branding

fido Redesign,2022

// Research

Fido is an operator company that located in Canada. Fido's mission is to help users connect more closely with each other. Fido's goal is to move the world forward for everyone by expanding digital access. I would like to share my research about fido.

// Redesign


  • Fido will update its brand from the deeply connecting of dog to an approachable elements to the customer. Since the dog can draw closer relationship between fido and the public. An approachable can help public feel fido as an nice and warm company.
  • The "Approachable" concept is targeting the international customers, by giving them a feeling of applying as an fido mobile customers will make you life easier.


  • Fido will update its brand with an evolutionary transformation of its logo with relies on its connection with dogs.
  • Since dogs are been deeply related to fido, by changing dog's elements into Loyalty. Just like the mobile network they offer, it will always beg there for the customer.

// Final Draft

// On Product