Concrete Jungle

To start with this project, our group start to work based on our last zine project, continue with the idea of “Technology and Nature”, since we are doing an exhibition project, we are trying to interact audience(our classmate) in this project; by keeping the answer from Washington Square Park. We decide to make this project as a performance piece. We came up with the idea of technology damaging nature, so we decide to make a shape of nature, and using air dry clay to do some model-making technology. In this project, I made the video and the clay. All the video is from Irma and me, I collect all the past video that we took, and put them together in PR (like an ins story feeling). Since I have some experience in doing ceramics in my high school, I did most part of the clay.

First, our group bought two big boxes of air-dry clay, then we use water and tools we got from the wet shop to shape the object that we want to make. I feel very comfortable, to have the reference pictures in front of me, it really makes the technology look more realistic. In the performance part, I take a box of technology clay that our group make together, and direct dumping the whole project. I made the video, I use PR to create this video, and I trying to do it like “ins story”, so the audience can see the beauty of nature, and the feeling of a time that is passing.

'Why did you make it?"
We made this is because of based on the zine that we collect from Washington Square Park, people like to bring the technology to the future, for example, “Airpods”, “iPhone”, etc. But at the same time, there are several people talks about nature and the landscape. The technology is affecting our nature, we want to bring this project to the public and the students, by throwing your technology, how much damage it will hurt to nature. When we are shortening the life of technology, we are also shortening the life of nature and the earth. We don’t want to define nature as a forest, so we finally use the wave curve to represent nature. When the projector is projecting to that natural shape, if it is projecting the sea, it is the wave, if it is projecting the forest, it is the shape of the mountain; the shape we make is changeable. We want every student to interact with the project, by throwing the clay that we made, it will brings the impression of violence, but at the same time, as the new generation, we can protect our nature better.