Calor is a early children education app designed for reduce parental anxiety. I would like to introduce a Calor. It is a bridge between educator and parents, as well as between parents and parents.

In this project, I would like to answer the following questions "What can we do for the parents?", "What situation are they facing?", "Where does the anxiety come from", "Why we are having an unprecedented challenge of raising a child?"

DATE                  Nov 2022 - Dec 2022

TAGS                  UI/UX, Branding Design

INSTRUSTOR    Marcoa Chavez

DESIGNER         Jialin Huang    

Reduce Parental Anxiety, 2022

// Research

In the past 2020 a total 3,605,201 baby born in United States. Most of the parents will have to deal with sleeping deprivation, child safety and education schooling options, financial, mental health and various issues.

  • The proportion of women with postpartum depression in US is as high as 50% to 70% with about 10% to 15% of women developing postpartum depression.

    - Up to 1 in 10 new dads can experience depression during the pregnancy of after the birth
  • Rasing a child to adulthood at age 18 in the United States can cost up to $475.500, not including college tuition.

    - Investment in education in Singapore accounts for about 4% of GDP and 23% of fiscal revenue.

    - According to Loans Canada, the average total amount to raise a child uo until age 18 is $253,946.97

    - Accoding to the China 2021 census, 30% of household income were spending on child.

// Solution

An education program, that provides various subjects to kids for practice after the class.

A podcast program, offer various storybooks. Let the kids listen the story by themselves. Saving parents time.

A information collection program, that offer users some good education tips. The educator joining tiktok for looking more footfall.

An education program, providing online class on their app, also offering jobs for the educator to teach kids through virtual and some after works for students to practice.

Whats new

Whats old


    The first app produced specifically to help parents with all the information they need to know.

    Extend the target market. Not only partner with educator, but also partner with the retailer.

    Customized for parents getting help and support through social media


    Providing one on one virtual help and suggestion by professional educator

// Stragtegy

First Draft - Warm
Second Draft - Readable
Third Draft - Joy

In the first draft by highlight the elements of warm and humanization. I incorporated the letter and the two circles represent a smiling face.

In the second draft, I would like to highlight elements of readable and playful. Since color is facing for parents and children, I would like bringing more bold, colorful and roundness in my logo. By drawing a character cross the world calor, embodies that any difficulty will be solved here.

In the third draft, I am putting more attention on joyful and playful. Looking back to my previous two draft, there is always a face element. In my last draft, I would like to increase the percentage of name and reduce the characters. In this stage, without reducing the fun while increasing awareness.

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Channels and Search

I believe calor the app has to be a long term app, that sustain for the future. I encourage users to send photos and text messages to share information through this app. Users not only share academic information, but also photos of children, parent questions and recommendations for good local interest classes.

At the same time, I am questioning myself "Are parent willing to share their information?" After my data-research, I find out that 88 percent of mom would be very happy to share on the internet, and 80 percent of moms believe he internet provides useful assistance.

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